Our Team

Ivan Fernandez

SPN Networks was founded in 2002 by Ivan Fernandez out of passion to work on computers and find ways to help business better use their technology.

His passion for computers was ignited at an early age during computer programs his school provided. During high school he took weekend classes on Computer Repair that were provided by the city. The classes provided him with valuable experience that led to him being hired by a local computer store as an entry level technician. He continued to purse computer courses throughout high school, taking a college course on computer networking.

His new-found computer skills and knowledge helped him secure a job in his high school the summer he graduated. This exciting position introduced him to “Business Computer Networking”. He found himself helping the Network Administrators maintaining not just the network at school, but the network for all the schools in the city.

He soon went on to study at a local Community College and Devry University. In the Summer of 2002 he started SPN Networks and quickly grew the business by soliciting business door-to-door and providing quality computer repair. One referral lead to another and the rest is history. SPN Networks, now has business of all sizes that rely on them for their technology needs and expertise.