Business Continuity Planning

Backed-up data and clear-cut retrieval plans are critical to your recovery from natural disaster, but they’re only half the battle.

Bolster your recovery by outlining the steps to getting your day-to-day business functions back online quickly.

SPN Networks’ business continuity strategies take your data backup and disaster recovery plans a step further. They detail the procedures for how you will resume operations after the immediate destruction caused by storm, flood, fire, or theft has been cleaned up. It also assigns roles and responsibilities for getting back to work after less catastrophic events like power outages.

You’ll need to know how your employees will work if they’re forced to move to a temporary location, how to ensure your clients are cared for in the short- and medium-term after disaster, and how to continue generating revenues and satisfying creditors. In short, you’ll need to consider numerous internal and external factors when getting your business back in order.

Here’s what you get with SPN’s Business Continuity consulting:

  • Thorough business impact analysis (BIA)
  • Exploration of all potential recovery strategies
  • Identification of gaps between requirements and capabilities
  • Comprehensive development of process and procedures
  • Thorough testing, training, and documentation

Want to know more about how a Business Continuity Plan can improve your business?

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