We’ll manage your computers’ software and data in the cloud; your employees simply login and work from anywhere.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) reduces IT expenses, enables your mobile workforce, and ensures their data is always backed up.

When your office changes over to a DaaS environment, your workstations will perform one basic job: accessing software and data that’s managed in the cloud by SPN Networks’ expert technicians. This means your machines must only function as simple workstations, so they won’t require robust configurations and will save you lots of cash over time.

DaaS is offered as a subscription model, with predictable monthly cost-per-user payment plans that are so often preferred by small businesses. And, in addition to relieving you of the typical maintenance, security, and disaster recovery hassles associated with office computers, DaaS ensures your data is always backed up and accessible by your remote workers from anywhere they can connect to the internet.

Here are the key benefits for businesses operating in a DaaS environment:

  • Big savings - from using computers on a subscription model
  • Improved collaboration - from unified versions of user apps
  • IT budget predictability - from monthly pay-per-use pricing
  • Greater agility - from the simple scalability inherent in DaaS
  • Total reliability - from cloud-based data storage and backups

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