Voice and Data Cabling

A properly equipped and organized cabling infrastructure is critical to your IT keeping pace with business growth.

You can’t afford for your phone system, intranet, and internet cabling to be an afterthought.

That’s because almost all the technology your team needs to do their jobs involves some form of wired connection. And if your wiring is a disorganized, zip-tied Gordian knot, you’ll have a hard time easily adding computers or moving them around on your network -- which seriously inhibits your ability to add users on demand.

Voice and Data Cabling is IT infrastructure in the truest sense in that it’s a basic, underlying framework for your network’s success. SPN Networks goes beyond simply optimizing your intra-office cabling; we also ensure you have reliable, standardized inter-office connections and that your office relocations are built on a strong IT foundation.

Our expert cabling and wiring technicians provide you with the following:

  • Needs analyses for your voice, data, and video connectivity
  • Structured cabling recommendations based on our analyses
  • Technical support for any cabling reorganization or expansion
  • Expert consulting on new cabling architecture design and deployment
  • Routine advisory on cabling standards, best practices, and advancements

Want to know more about how we can improve your company’s voice and data cabling?

Let an SPN engineer have a look, to uncover the weak spots in your office technology.

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