Data Backup & Recovery

Safeguard your precious business data and ensure immediate recovery if you’re hit by storm, flood, or fire.

Disaster can strike at any moment and wipe our your data,
so reliable backups are indispensable.

If your company has the right protections in place -- namely a robust data backup and recovery scheme -- you won’t have to worry what would happen if it were affected by an unforeseen force majeure. Getting strategic about your plan can mean the difference between surviving and failing in the face of disaster.

SPN Networks offers reliable data backups, computer hard drive backups, and complete hardware recovery to small- and mid-sized businesses throughout Los Angeles, including Long Beach, Culver City, and Pasadena. They’re easy to implement and maintain, they’re affordable, and they ensure your crucial data and systems are back online fast.

When we’re your single point of contact for data management, you’ll enjoy:

  • Confidence - you’ll have expert support for your data and systems
  • Reduced stress - SPN technicians manage everything
  • Rapid recoveries - thanks to clear-cut, totally reliable processes
  • Modern technology - continually updated and upgraded hardware and software
  • Comprehensive protection - ensures data integrity for its entire life cycle

Want to know more about how our Data Backup & Recovery service can improve your business?

Let an SPN engineer have a look, to uncover the weak spots in your data management schemes.

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Network Defense

When SPN Networks monitors your computer network defense, risks will be eliminated and you’ll be protected from viruses, worms, trojans, and ransomware 24/7/365.

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Email & Spam Protection

Your team depends on email as their primary communication tool and for storing large quantities of data, so you need to ensure it’s not an open gateway for online hackers.

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Video Surveillance Systems

Proactive supervision of your property and personnel requires resources you may not have -- but which we do, in the form of our state-of-the-art, remotely-monitored surveillance systems.

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