Email & Spam Protection

Your employees’ email accounts are portals for critical communication, but also for outside operators interfering in your affairs.

Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail -- they’re all susceptible to every kind of spam attack, from the merely annoying to the potentially dangerous.

Pretty much every business depends on an efficient email system in order to function properly. It’s your team’s most used tool, but it’s also the most susceptible to being penetrated by nefarious operators. And since it happens to be the location of large quantities of your company’s critical business data, eliminating unauthorized infiltration is critical.

The way to do that is by implementing a SPN Networks’ Email & Spam Protection plan. It will cover all the basics -- like warning messages, automated rejections, and designated spam folders -- plus all the administrator-level measures that ensure your email users are never compromised, either by external invasion or by internal accident.

Attacks via email are prevalent, but SPN keeps you safe:

  • Hi-tech automation techniques and proactive email administration
  • Increased email efficiency with intuitive search and message archiving
  • Strategic protections that detect and quarantine threats immediately
  • Strong defenses against not only spam, but phishing, viruses, and ransomware as well
  • Optimized security settings for email access on LAN, WiFi, and mobile networks

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Let an SPN engineer have a look, to uncover the weak spots in your email security settings.

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