Video Surveillance Systems

SPN’s video surveillance does for your personnel and property what our IT Guardian service does for your computer network.

This is state-of-the-art technology that protects your business and provides 24/7 peace of mind.

Monitoring the activities that take place in and around your place of business is a security measure you should seriously consider, especially since it’s so easy to achieve. The primary aim is to deter criminal activities and protect your people and possessions, but a secondary benefit is the appearance of sophistication it gives your business.

SPN’s video program comes with a dedicated surveillance systems expert who will proactively monitor and maintain your security system with remote-access technology. You’ll never wonder whether equipment is working right, software is recording right, or videos are being archived right, because we handle everything for you.

Our Video Surveillance Systems include the following features:

  • Planning, configuration, deployment, and maintenance
  • Unlimited technical support for any issue
  • Affordable, all-inclusive, flat monthly fee
  • Comprehensive warranty on all surveillance equipment
  • Scalable solutions for easy expansion as your business grows

Want to know more about how our Video Surveillance Systems can improve your business?

Let an SPN engineer have a look, to uncover the weak spots in your company’s security.

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